Rocky's Stump Removal, Inc.
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About Us

Rocky Eilertson was born in South Dakota but has been living in Austin, Texas since 1986. He currently lives in Cedar Park, Texas with his wife and children.
I am Rocky Eilertson and I moved to Austin from South Dakota in the winter of 1986. I've been grinding stumps locally ever since. My uncle invented and patented the stump machine. I have been grinding stumps for over 30 years now in the Austin and Central Texas area.

Rocky's Stump Removal, Inc. is a small family owned business. When you hire me you will see me coming out to give an estimate and grind your stump. When you have a question or concern you'll reach me not a secretary of a large company. If you like to shop local and hire local then I'm your best local option.

Thank you for supporting a local family owned business,
Rocky's Stump Removal, Inc.

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